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Babysitter Safety Course

Is your child considering a babysitting job? If so, it's important for them to know that the job comes with some significant responsibilities.

Sure, it's fun to play with babies and small children, but they need to be  responsible for making sure the little ones are safe and properly fed. They will also have to take charge to be sure children are washed, brushed, and in bed on time. Perhaps most importantly, your child will be the "adult" on hand should an emergency arise. This training provides hands-on learning that includes First Aid, CPR and AED training as well as how to respond to a choking patient.

Course Information:

The Child and Babysitting Safety training program is designed to focus on supervising, caring for, and keeping children and infants safe in babysitting settings. The program provides fundamental information in the business of babysitting, proper supervision, basic care giving skills, and responding properly to ill or injured children or infants. 

This class is for ages 11-15 years. There are no pre-requisites for this course, because CPR/AED and basic first aid certification are added to the class. 

To achieve certification, participants must pass a written evaluation and perform required skills competently without assistance. Child and Babysitting Safety certification is valid for up to two years.

This course is approximately 8 hours. 

66% percent of parents said that they'd pay more for any kind of safety training (e.g., CPR/First Aid)
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